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Please School me: How can I find inexpensive, quality land?

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    I just finished a book ,"OFF THE GRID",an around America visit to and with individuals and groups living more or less OTG.
    That led me to a web site,,which has subcategories about finding the group that fits your needs.As an aside,if you want off the grid,there are parcels with no Right of Way access for utilities ,landlocked, that you can drive onto.By definition , underdeveloped,and cheap.There are still rural counties with no Code enforcement ,absent Electrical and Health(outhouse)from the state.Spend time on research,cause you will be there for a while.There are reasons for towns and law enforcement.IMO


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ID:	184912I just purchased 34.6 acres in S.E. Oklahoma, heavily wooded, overlooking Lake Sardis for $37,800. It is off grid, but the same people I bought mine from have other land for sale with power and water available.
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        check on internet for Billy Land, land is really reasonable and off the grid


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          Originally posted by Flytyer View Post
          check on internet for Billy Land, land is really reasonable and off the grid
          Welcome to the forum Flytyer.

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            Land And Farm is a top-tier listing service for farms, ranches, hunting land, log cabins, and more. Search and find land on Land And Farm.

            Of the two I like land and farm the best.
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              PM sent...


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                Originally posted by myakka62 View Post
                Of the two I like land and farm the best.
                I appreciate this info, I finally convinced my wife to start looking for a "weekend cabin" building lot. I am looking around Western Nevada. I think I will need a lot of luck.
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                  I see all kinds of people buying land to bug out on. I really wish I could afford to do the same. But my husband would never go for it and he would be unable to do much because of his health and he is 74 years old. So we are staying put. We have a lot of food and supplies, plus guns, rifles and shotguns. But we will not be able to do the things you guys are doing. If we have to leave, We do have 2 places we can go to where people have invited us to stay if things get that bad. almost our whole neighborhood is stocking and getting ready for things to happen. But as far as I know, none of them plan on leaving this neighborhood. We are surronded by water on 3 sides and there is a lot of woods everywhere. We are a small neighborhood built on a one mile stretch of farm land. At this point we will just have to see how things go. But all our neighbors are working together.


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                    I live in the Northern part of Idaho, Sandpoint area. This is an ideal area to find reasonable property. There are numerous lakes and streams to be near as well as major hiways.
                    We are located near Montana, Canada as well as Washington. We had a rush of people that moved here from Calif. in the housing boom, but many have moved back due to the economy and there are a lot of bank repos reasonable.
                    We have the four seasons, and the winters are not bad. I came here also from Calif. 6 years ago to get away from the obvious and would never go back.
                    We live off the grid on 5 acres and grow a garden with a green house in the winter. I have a shop that runs off of a alternative fuel genereator also.

                    Something to keep in mid is the amount of money and work to make a piece of land usable. We have flat land with trees and are near a lake, the temperatures are mild and we have no earthquakes or hurracanes. You might check out the area and see if it has what you need.


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                      If your still looking for land i have a 1/2 acre in timberon,nm for sale in the sacramento mountains.The ultimate BOL.One hour n of el paso tx.Has whats called standy by water the meter is already at lot just not connected and has power on the lot behind if interested 5500.00. [email protected]
                      taxes 55.00 per year stand by water 50.00 per year.
                      Originally posted by jwar View Post
                      Congratulations to those of you who already have their place out of the way, I wish I could join your ranks!
                      I have been spending months looking for the right piece of land to build my bug out location (and as soon as possible to live on full time). I'm looking in Idaho and Montana, but of course I am not dead set on those two places. So far I've found a couple of parcels in my price range, but unfortunately they are in Property Owner Associations, and as you probably know, these POA's can be very restrictive, telling you what you can build, how many animals (and what kind), even how many trees you can cut down. Not what I had in mind at all.
                      I prefer something with partially flat land (to grow a large organic garden) and partially hilly with trees (for building materials and firewood). I believe I need at least 5 acres, but of course the more the better and I would love to have 20 plus acres off the beaten path.
                      However, my budget is not very big. I have about $10,000 that I can spend (I prefer not to go into debt for the land, but for the right property I could see going up to $20k). Something where I could dig a well for under $5k, and it doesn't need to be near electricity or phone. Also, the ground must be able to accept a septic system.
                      I know it's out there somewhere...
                      Anyone who knows how I might find what I'm looking for (preferrably without a POA) please email me at jwarkow gmail. (As a new user I can't post my email, I hope you will just add the appropriate missing symbols, etc.)