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M14 Wanted : buy or trade

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  • M14 Wanted : buy or trade

    Looking to do a face-to-face for an M14, I am willing to travel a bit in the northeast US if the deal is good. Any operable condition is fine. I have a Colt Sporter HBar with tons of accessories that could be used in a partial trade, also lots and lots of military/government/law enforcement items including commo gear, tactical gear, NBC gear, etc.

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    Do you really mean an M14, which is a government issue fully automatic service rifle, or the civilian version M1A manufactured by Springfield Armory in Geneseo, Illinois?


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      He means the M-14 that I shot in the USMC up to 1975 and now again in starting in 2009 for the middle east. It is the semi auto with 30 round mags that was/is issued You are thinking of the M-14A1 with a selector on the side for semi or auto fire. Still in NATO 7.62x 51mm.

      Yes the Marines have reissued the M-14 to troops going into Afghanistan! It just hits better at long range and the wind does not effect it as much!


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        Well considering they are illegal and having one could get you a five year vacation at CLUB FED you might better rethink your toy list. A few got registered on the amnesty back in 60s and I expect they are bringing 25K for legal ones.
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          Why would they be illegal, assuming of course you cover the tax stamp/license fee of $200...excluding the Rebublik of Kalifornia of course