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want .380 ammo & reloading....

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  • want .380 ammo & reloading....

    prefer gold dot!!... but need any.... 380 auto 9mm kurz.....
    my daily carry to get me to safety....
    keltec p3at discretion at its finest, ugly
    but reliable if you feed it well! {+p}

  • #2
    Google "Lucky Gunnar".com.
    They have it ,and no backorders.


    • #3
      thanx... can 9mm be modified? wtshtf!
      someone once made a wild comment about pressing bullet deeper into case....just asking....


      • #4
        I am not reloading brass,but I remember this: If it is not in the book,don't do it. If you do ,approach with caution. Also,check out the reloading thread,Shackleford,I think.


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          Try Cabela's( The one by me (Chicago) has tons of it and all of the reloading supplies you could ever need.
          He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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            when the s--t hits the fan

            just as a possible las ditch omg tshtf question,and ammo is scarce, could 2 mm be trimmed from case? with a tube cutter?
            knowing gas pressures will be much higher on an extremely short barrel....., springs would have to be it a survival option?

            9x17=380/9mm kurz

            when the s--t hits the fan discretion and wisdom/knowledge are more valuable than any gold or arsenal.
            the only commodity more valuable will be.......the SURVIVAL MENTALITY /positive attitude!