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Wanted - Bulk 308 and 223

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  • Wanted - Bulk 308 and 223

    I am brand new here - and looking for the prices on some bulk supplies in the CLT area. WTSHTF I need to be prepared. In moving here I have let my supplies be depleted, and need to re-stock. If anyone can give me recomendations it would be appreciated.


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    Well i'm sure you will get some good replies on this but please do take a moment to make a post in the intro section about yourself as well, and welcome to the site, there's a bunch of like minded people here:)

    The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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      Not really in the area but sort of a FYI, Cheaperthandirt dropped all ammo prices this month!
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        I have also been checking out I was trying to avoid shipping and CC.


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          Probably your best bet is/are the local gunshows ( ). Dunno about .223 or .308 (have some stocked) but they had a really good deal on match grade .45 acp at Outer Banks Ammunition at the Hickory, NC one.

          Think there is a fellar from PA that has some great deals on those calibers as well.



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            Caution against gun shows. Many times, and I do mean many, they are the sellers own shit reloads packaged in factory boxes. The ignorant continue to feed this.

            Let me say this first. I would never own a firearm that wouldn't eat shit ammo. However, I would never purposely feed my firearm shit. Even in training.

            Not knowing your rigs or your intended range the generic but accurate response is buy good quality proven ammo. In battle is not the place you want a learning experience to occur when your gun goes click instead of bang. Or worse yet goes BOOOOOM instead of bang.
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