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Mossberg bullpup

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  • Mossberg bullpup

    lookin for a mossberg bullpup configured shotgun

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    I came across a few 30 years ago, there was a tremendous amount of hype associated with the gun when first brought-out. I found them to be very heavy and ill ballanced with just a 5-6 shot capacity. The ergonomics for a shoulder fired weapon were completely wrong and a lefty could not shoot one from the shoulder at all. For an entry or CQB weapon, MAYBE.
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      i've handled a few (3)recently that were owned by various buddies, and i found it to work quite nicely, all of them havin an 8 shot magazine tube; the speed reloading was a little wierd but after a bit i got the hang of it...i'm also a right-handed shooter but it wouldnt be usable by a lefty, true. anybody know of any lookin for a new home?


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        I just realized that the shotty I was thinking of was the old High Standard bull pup! I did some web seaching, Mossberg droped the concept in 1995 and will have nothing to do with the kit-guns due to safety reasons, the manual safety can fail and the gun fire when the gun is dropped in part because of the trigger extension which also affects the quality of the trigger pull. The gun though shorter is also heaver than a standard tactical 590 shotgun.
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        The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.