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My MREs for your freeze-dried food

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  • My MREs for your freeze-dried food

    Title says it all. I am moving in a month and losing my cold storage space where I keep my MREs. Rather than have them go bad in warmer climates, I would like to trade them out for freeze dried stuff. I have many cases of MREs available, some newer, some older, all have been kept in roughly 50 degrees Fahrenheit storage.

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    Hi Methusaleh. While I cannot trade you, may I suggest possibly contacting the freeze dried companies to see if they will swap you? Nothing beats a failure but a try. Many of them offer both and in some cases, the smaller companies may be more open to trade, or the company may stock and want something different for their stash besides a bunch of freeze dried foods. Just the same, along with contacting Freeze Dried companies, you may also look at selling them outright to Army-Navy Surplus Stores that carry militant type stuff, possibly consigning them to someone that sells at local gun shows, listing it on Craigs?, post it out on the other survival blog spots (there are tons of them) and look at the barter/trading websites, there are alot of them. Maybe you can find one that works. Congratulations on your move... I hope it is for the better. Kind regards for a wonderful weekend! C
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      would you be intersted in selling them out right ? if so what do you need for them i don't have any fdf to trade. But i may have some gear to trade .