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Ammo: Wolf 308Win , 7.62x51

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  • Ammo: Wolf 308Win , 7.62x51

    Picked up 1000 rds cheap for my FNAR.... wont fire these rounds as the primer is set too deep in the brass ( not flush with the end) and my fp wont ping em right....... Now I know why I got em so cheap.. hahah....

    Wolf: .308 Win, 150gr FMJ, Steel case, non-corrosive Berdan Primed... 20 per box

    Anyway, I have 980 left... anyone want to trade for 'something" ??

    704-682-2173 cell... in North Carolina if you want to do a local trade, otherwise we can work out shipping etc etc...


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    If you could send me a couple rounds to test fire I might be interested in them, I'll assume they are steel cased, so ain't worth buying for the brass (unlike the 7.62x54r I bought mostly for the brass). But if they work for me then they'd be worth the shipping costs.