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FOR TRADE (or sale) High-end tactical gear

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  • FOR TRADE (or sale) High-end tactical gear

    TRADES: I would be interested in trading ONLY for: 1) quality .223 or 5.56mm ammo, 2) similar-quality tactical gear (what do you have???), 3) mag tube extension for Remington 870, 4) freeze-dried or dehydrated foods.

    I've been "out of the business" for about two years now and just do not need these anymore, passing them on to someone else who may need them more than I do. I have newer and better things issued to me for my non-military job these days.

    If you aren't familiar with these brands or what these items are, then you probably do not need them. This is not Made-in-Vietnam Blackhawk junk, paintball gear, or any other one of the million kinds of Hollywood poser-quality tactical gear on the market. This is the best of the best, which is the only way to go when your life is on the line.

    All of this gear is used and some of it has custom modifications made to suit my needs.

    I will share photos only upon private request; please post below if interested and I will follow up with a PM.

    Please be patient as my work schedule is insane lately and I sometimes only get on XC for a few minutes a day.

    Here we go:

    First of all one of the finest rucks I own and one hell of a daypack/BoB...a London Bridge Trading Training Coverage Medical Backpack in OD green. I used this as an assault pack, so it has some modifications here and there, and a spot on the front where my name tape was sewn on but has been removed. Otherwise in excellent condition. Does NOT include the removable internal med bags (I do not have them anymore).

    High Speed Gear Inc. Wasatch plate carrier vest in coyote tan.

    Tactical Tailor .50 cal Barrett Magazine/Multi Purpose Pouch in OD green.

    Tactical Tailor Modular Hydration Carrier in OD green.

    Tactical Tailor Triple Pistol Mag Pouch in OD green.

    Tactical Tailor Small Utility Pouch (used as a cuff pouch, fits traditional or hinged cuffs perfectly) in OD green.