Ladies and Gents,

After inventorying my ammo supply, I found a few extra rounds of some really good quality NORINCO Chinese high carbon steel core armor piercing rounds. I've shot these through my SKS and AK's for years and they will punch right through 1/2 and 3/4 inch steel plate without any problem. I was thinking about putting them on Gunbroker and selling them, and I still might, but I figured I'd see what I might get in trade here. I'm interested in all kinds of ammo, gear, weapons and such. If you search the web, you'll see that this stuff has not been imported into the US since 1994 and is selling for big bucks. The headstamp reads 71 92 or plant 71 year 1992. This is the very desirable steel core ammo that was classified as "AP" or armor piercing by Clinton. Clinton and his administration BANNED this ammo from future importation back in 1994. This ammo has not been imported since so what is here is what is here. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. Thanks!
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