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    Good day everyone.
    Trying to start a bussiness for the wife and of as yet, I am just getting started. No web site or anything like that, but hopefully soon it will come. When I do I want to buy some space from Deisel.
    I have a bunch of surplus Mollie packs. They have stiff boards with pads, compression straps and waist belts. I am 38 aound the waist and the belts still have plenty of room. Great day packs or car getaway gig. And they would make a great day hike pack as well... $30.00 each and I can give you a pick from 5 or so for my local freinds in the Greensboro area. Could be a bitch to ship, because I want everyone to stay happy. They just need a good soapy wash and I have went thru them looking for cracked buckles and the what nots. These are in good "used shape"
    Thanks for your intereat and PREP ON!
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    alright if you can hold out till wed next week i will get at least one can drive up to meet ya
    the pack that plays together stays together