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NEW 11/09 For Trade/ For Sale Military Gear

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  • NEW 11/09 For Trade/ For Sale Military Gear

    As of right now I am considering the following a "dead thread" and mods are welcome to delete it:

    Posting this list on 9 November 2009, subject to additions and editing as needed.

    TRADES ARE PREFERRED!!!!! See below for my want list, subject to editing.

    A WORD ABOUT PRICES…if you do not have a trade offer…my policy is “make me an offer, I just want it gone!” I am very active in selling in both the collector and the eBay communities, so I know what things are worth, however I am willing to sell for CHEAP just to move things out of here. Please read my whole list; the more you want, the more I will swing you a deal as well as a cheap shipping rate for a single large package.

    OK folks…nine years in law enforcement, twelve in the Army/Guard, and three houses later, here is the bulk of the stuff I have decided I no longer need. This list may be added to as time goes on but I am really trying to get rid of it all at once. I will probably put it all on eBay eventually if nobody wants it here, so speak up if something interests you.

    I can take photos of any items upon request. There is too much for me to sit here and take photos of right now, so I will let people decide what they want to see first.

    Some items may be brand new but dusty or slightly dirty from storage alongside used items. You are more than welcome to ask detailed questions.

    If you are interested in any clothing items and I do not specify sizes, let me know your size requirements. If you are not familiar with military sizes, they have no relation to civilian sizes! Example: I wear civilian size XL tshirts and L shorts, however my military size is medium-regular. If I put on any garment labeled as military size large-regular, it’s too big for me unless it is for layering in cold weather.

    US military/government issue clothing:

    Federal law enforcement issue Generation II ECWCS parka in BLACK (very very few were made), size L or XL, I will have to look, just remembered that I have this, excellent slightly used condition. (added 10 November 09)

    “Ranger Green” (very difficult color to locate) genuine QAR Polypro top, two-button closure, mock turtleneck or can be folded down, tag has been removed since it had a name written on it but the size seems to be approx. medium-regular, condition excellent with only wear being on the elbows.

    Generation I and II woodland camo Goretex parkas, assorted sizes, most brand new w/tags, assorted sizes in the medium-large range.

    Woodland camo BDUs, tops, bottoms, and patrol caps, most brand new, some w/tags, assorted sizes in the medium-large range.

    A few pairs of grey BDU trousers, I believe sizes MR and LR, good to near-new condition, all still serviceable and probably still starched and pressed (worn for work).

    Government-issue ACU digital camo tactical gear:

    MOLLE II dropleg/hoster extenders, good to very good condition, two available.

    MOLLE II 40mm grenade double pouch, excellent condition.

    MOLLE II 40mm grenade single pouch, new condition, three available.

    MOLLE II 40mm grenade single pouch, good condition.

    Commercial ACU digital camo tactical gear:

    Unknown manufacturer, adjustable dropleg MOLLE panel, excellent to “like new” condition.

    Condor brand MOLLE mag dump pouch, elasticized lips at top (under cover until you open it), overall excellent to “like new” condition, however outside front is slightly faded from sun.

    Khaki/sand-colored tactical gear:

    Unknown manufacturer, adjustable dropleg holster for medium to large-frame pistols. Fits pistol plus one mag. Condition very good, just some rub marks here and there.

    Unknown manufacturer, open-top 3-magazine shingle-style carrier for 30-round AR mags. Six MOLLE straps on back, three rows of MOLLE webbing on front. Brand new.

    Condor brand, zippered long utility pouch, measures about 10 x 5 x 4 inches (ask if you need specifics). Nice grip on the zipper pull for use with heavy gloves or under wet conditions. Four MOLLE straps on back, two rows of MOLLE webbing on front. Excellent condition, lightly used.

    Condor brand MOLLE EMT or general purpose pouch, elastic segments inside to keep things in place, elastic closure to keep things from falling out when it is unzipped and inverted. Excellent to “like new” condition, may even be brand new.

    Condor brand, MOLLE double 40mm grenade or OC spray pouch. Near-new condition, lightly used. Two available.

    Condor brand, MOLLE single hand grenade pouch. Brand new.

    Condor brand, MOLLE single hand grenade pouch. Near-new condition, lightly used.

    Condor brand, MOLLE single flash bang grenade or OC spray or tactical flashlight pouch. Brand new. Two available.

    Condor brand, MOLLE adjustable single pistol magazine or knife or tactical flashlight pouch. Very good condition. Two available.

    BRAND NEW 2009 Coyote-colored 5.11 Tactical Gear, from the VTAC series (government issue):

    Brand new dropleg MOLLE shingle, adjustable every which way possible, mesh-backed, with internal-sided mesh pocket. Five rows of MOLLE webbing. Includes all straps needed.

    Brand new MOLLE gas mask / NVD pouch, closes with a single Fastex buckle, three rows of MOLLE webbing on top, three rows on the front and back, two large straps on back.

    Government-issue woodland camo MOLLE tactical gear:

    PRC124 or 127 handheld radio carrier, complete, lightly used for training only (I am positive), all straps and pockets are there. Currently has ALICE clips on it, can be used with MALICE clips for MOLLE use.

    SINCGARS radio pouch (large), appears new and unused.

    Single quart canteen pouch, new. Think I have another one of these somewhere. Inquire if interested.

    Double AR15 30-round mag pouches, new, two available.

    MOLLE daypack with padded shoulder straps. I believe it's brand new.

    MOLLE vests with belt(s). I believe I have two, believe one is used and one new.

    Not sure if I want to get rid of this item…ARSOC MOLLE vest with enhanced belt…excellent condition…if interested just ask but really on the fence about getting rid of it.

    MOLLE six-mag shingles, each fits six AR15 30-round mags, open tops, several rows of MOLLE webbing on front, one has a single hand grenade pouch still attached. Well used and look it, but function perfectly and are full of character…they’ve traveled long and far. I may even have the grenade pouch to the other shingle somewhere.

    Other US military issue stuff:

    USMC IFAK, in coyote colored case, with some contents, may be able to put together a whole kit for you out of spares I have.

    Blackhawk Special Ops Padded Belt (see for more information), size small, which strangely seems to fit a very wide range of waist sizes, from about 30 to 37 inches (ask me if you want me to take exact measurements). The buckle on this belt is the newest dual-locking, streamlined version, not the older simple Fastex one shown in photos on the link above. Size is adjusted with very heavy duty velcro straps on either side of the buckle.

    Woodland camo ALICE series (though MOLLE adaptable) MOPP suit carrier, brand new, all straps intact and working.

    Brand new in package Hatch Centurion knee pads in khaki/sand color.

    Worn once, men’s size 11, ripple sole black leather combat boots. Probably aftermarket, I do not remember, it’s been a few years. Never even worn in formation, only worn around the house to try to break in, leather still has factory shine. Look 99% brand new, guaranteed. My unit switched to ACUs before I could even use these boots.

    MOPP suits, sealed in original bags, woodland camo, assorted sizes. Not 1980s OD green junk. Some bags were opened for inspection and then re-sealed, some are never opened.

    M17 and M40/MCU2P series gas mask parts. Most are brand new, have tons o’ stuff here, let me know your wants.

    M40 series gas mask TAP hood, the really “ultra-heavy-duty” one, not the one that is issued with the mask. Brand new with package, opened only for inspection.

    One black color MOLLE II patrol pack, excellent condition.

    Used Army gear bags, the giant top-loading duffel everyone knows, I’ve got at least a couple of them.

    PASGT helmet cover, woodland camo, for size small and x-small.

    Government issue Icom UHF 100-channel handheld two way radio, model F4GS, powers up but no TX or RX, my radio tech is guessing that someone hacked the factory software to try to make it a 70cm ham radio (it was originally intended for approx. 390 to 420MHz). No antenna or charger, just radio and battery. I own similar radios so I will charge the battery fully before shipping. Although I am a total radio nerd and amateur radio hobbyist, this is too technical of a radio for me to get involved with.

    M1956 and M1961 canvas butt packs, good condition, very good considering their age, fully functional and serviceable. Origin stamps are fully legible.

    MX991/U flashlight lot w/spare parts, two issue lights, one commercial imitation, plus spares, none of the lights work, however with all these parts put together I would guess you can get at least one working light.

    Old ALICE gear, canteen pouches, first aid kit pouches, first aid dressing/compass pouches, etc…ask!

    Commercial radio gear:

    Motorola Jedi Series (HT1000, MT2000, MTS2000, etc.) two way radio accessories…batteries, chargers, speaker mics, one public safety speaker mic, one tactical throat mic w/optional headset, etc….inquire if interested.

    Tactical two way radio throat microphone, with clear eartube for audio, used once, works excellent, with remote sleeve PTT switch and positioning clips. Fits many brands of radios using a two-prong speaker-mic jack, such as Kenwood, Icom, Midland, Standard, Ritron, Audiovox, Columbia, UnWired, Radio Shack, and older Yaesus (FT411, FT415, etc.)


    Tactical gear and clothing in Multicam pattern.
    Remington 870 12ga. tube extension.
    AR15 ammo and mags.
    Quality single-point AR15 sling.
    Unique and interesting tactical gear you may have laying around.
    MSR stove parts/accessories/stoves (I can always use more!)
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    Can't seem to edit that post so I will post an update...

    Following items are sold/traded away:

    All ACU colored items
    QAR polypro
    Ripple sole boots