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Ammo Cuff/Sling Combo Sale

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  • Ammo Cuff/Sling Combo Sale


    I have a fairly large pile of Cuffs ready to ship here at the shop, I added some matching slings to make a "Combo" deal.

    Note that I have a few cuffs that are not shown, a Black 308 (works on 308 based cartridges) and a 12 gauge in Walnut brown. 3-4 more are on the bench for this weekend.

    I'll try to upload photos, but go here if nothing shows.

    I am about to start the Hunting Season Sling sale and have a PILE of saps on hand. PM me for photos/pricing.


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    Andy Langlois

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    Will take a looksie....
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      See anything good SAW?


      I'll be in the shop all week if you need anything custom.

      Andy Langlois