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72 hr bag checklist

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    Once I did nature walks myself. A SHTF world will be very different.


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      What really troubles me are people carrying a 72 hour BOB heading into the mountains where we live.
      Their supplies will run out quickly and it doesn't take rocket science to guess what they will do next.


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        Well what can one say, most people have issues thinking long term. Preppers are playing chess, while most others are playing checkers. What fool thinks 72 hrs and then thing go back to the way it was?


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          Most people have issues thinking long term is a classic keeper.

          Well said 72 hours isn't a camping trip unless it's a 3 day holiday weekend.

          BTW, the history of the


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            Rucksack is my term, my Norwegian godfather was blown away we use the term


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              Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
              Rucksack is my term, my Norwegian godfather was blown away we use the term
              Rucksack was also a term used here in the States.
              At a party, I heard the term Bergen from a SAS AD type; however, that was in the late 1990s. Living near Ft. Bragg was quite and educational experience.


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                My days of humping a ruck to E&E a long distance, are behind me due to age and the exuberance of youth catching up with me. If I see a potential event where the world takes a dump, I'll get out of Dodge early, to a safer secondary location.

                Having spent 6 years working with the British Army, I have noticed they have excellent, durable kit, their bergens are outstanding.
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                  At its best a BOB is a very minimalist survival kit or I'd a few days at best. I apologize for destroying the mystique of a BOB.

                  As your life depends on your BOB, test it.


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                    At best the BOB is an E&E bag. I have 3 versions of it. Spring/fall, summer, and winter. Plus an activity specific bag ie hunting fishing etc. I wont consider it anything more than a walk out bag. Few people have the mental /physical endurance to actually do much more than that. Sure theres a few of us that can go beyond that. When I consider whats in my bags, I shudder to think of someone who wanders into a MEC etc throws some money around would fare. Watching YT vids on them gives the wrong idea. What needed for you could be totally useless for me. I mean what would work in the Smokey mountains, would have a lot different kit than Garand's brit island gear. Tack on population density are you playing the fugitive, OTR or are you looking to get help?


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                      Unless the scenario is Armyjimbo's E&E or a short term survival. His BOB are BOBs or one for each season.

                      IMO, it has become similar to a first person shooter game only it's the survival version. I watched a few Alone shows for the first time and rarely Naked and Afraid. If the players or contestants get hurt a medical team shows up med evacs them.
                      Bear Grylls is one of my favorites because his film crew captures the beauty of nature.
                      The 4 survival priorities are Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food.
                      In their own way e​​​ach TV survival series fulfills one or more of the 4 priorities. From what I saw Alone does the best job of building shelter from what is available. A few of Life below zero actors do a great job gathering food and preserving it. Andy's gardening setup is stellar.
                      Garand's get out of Dodge to a safer location is an excellent point. Sourdough has food caches; however, as he lives in a safer location, he doesn't need to consider building a shelter.
                      Everyone has a plan they believe will work for them and ours is to stay here as it offers all 4.