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WTS Yamaha Moto 4 (80 cc)

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  • WTS Yamaha Moto 4 (80 cc)

    This is my daughters atv, We replaced the tires , brakes, starter and tuned it 6 months ago. This atv runs great and has no problem. It only has a rip in the back corner of the seat. Easy fix with a seat cover. This thing is ready to ride, just needs a rider. Only reason for selling is were getting her a bigger one. Looking for $700.00 o.b.o will take gun trades and cash. Your more than welcome to come on by and take it for a ride.

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    Man, if I were local, I'd scoop it up wife wants a little one to ride back and forth to the property (she hates my polaris..."it'stoo big!").
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      I wish you were closer too. I hate to get rid it, Because this thing runs awesome. Hell I'm 275lb and it will carry me with no problems. But she too big for it now, so it has to go.