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    A couple, whom I've known for about 10 years now, are relocating to be closer to their family. They are going to be selling their cabin that is off-grid. Their well is over 500 feet deep and water was reached at 265'. The solar power setup is included with the cabin along with a 34' 1994 (I think it is) motor home. There is a deck on the the cabin that I will have to get more information on.

    Their cabin is about 826SF. It is 20 feet wide by 34 feet long with an added electrical room for the solar components that is approximately 7 feet by 8 feet. There is a shed on their property and their property is just over 5 acres in size.

    Trees are abundant as is the wildlife. They have a perfect view of the snow-covered mountains.

    The cabin's interior is Aspen tongue and groove which is not completely finished. I'd say it's 90% finished.

    Their new addition which they call the breakfast room is not finished. It has a sliding glass door and 2 huge picture windows that are it's best features.

    The flooring throughout the cabin is also not started so that consists of 2 layers of 3/4 inch plywood still.

    The cabin has a 29ga metal roof.

    They've been living in it to eliminate their bills while trying to get the cabin's interior finished.

    The taxes on their property run under $110 per year and I'll have to ask for the exact amount soon.

    Their closest year-round neighbor is a mile or so away from them.

    Their asking price is $95K but I was told they'd take $85k (Firm) if someone was serious since there is some work that needs to be finished.

    I can take some photos of their place if needed but only for serious inquiries because their place is about 14 miles away from me and I rarely go over there. We always meet in town for lunch or dinner.

    For more information, leave me a private message and we can correspond further through E-Mail.

    As an added note, They do not even own a generator. Their solar provides them to use their microwave, toaster over, computers, lights, well pump, washing machine, dish washer, etc.

    Their washer and dryer for clothes will NOT be staying with the cabin as they are adamant about taking those two items with them.

    Location - South Central Colorado, About 1 hour from Taos N.M. in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. 40 Minutes North from Alamosa, CO.
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    You forgot to mention location............
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      list it in the classified section
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        Originally posted by Big_Saw View Post
        You forgot to mention location............
        Good point Big_Saw. It was late and I was too tired to think straight. I edited it a couple of days ago.

        Thanks for the memo!
        Being unprepared is giving up!