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SCORE! Ranger Green & Coyote Brown cotton shirts

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  • SCORE! Ranger Green & Coyote Brown cotton shirts

    I am not looking to make money off this, I am probably going back soon to pick up something I ordered, so I will have the opportunity to get these shirts if anyone wants some. I figured I would let you all know in case someone wants some. The prices are so low it's insane.

    Photo available if you want to see, I have not taken any yet. I bought a few of each kind of shirt...

    I was thinking of making an offer to the management and buying a huge bunch of shirts and trying to get a discount. These normally sell for around $30 to $40 each so I think it may be worth it. If enough people are interested, I will call and ask.

    OK, I just came from a local military base and the uniform shop is having a sale on MOUNDS of Ranger Green shirts, both long and shortsleeve, tshirt type cotton material. All kinds of sizes, they are all missing tags but are in huge bins sorted by size (that's why they are on sale for cheap). The shortsleeve are selling for $10 each and the longsleeve for $12 each. If you wanted a bunch I could ship them cheaper the more you wanted.

    They also had "somewhat Coyote Brown" shirts, same deal, short and long sleeves, to me the color looks a shade or two lighter than normal Coyote, I asked about it and the lady there claimed they are Coyote, but I think they may be a shade off and that's why they are so cheap.

    If interested please post below so I can have an idea how much interest there is. I will call them and make an offer on a quantity so we can all get them cheaper if enough people are interested...

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    i'd be interested for sure pics of both please

    The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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      Sure here ya go, one of each side by side, a bit wrinkled from being in a bin for who knows how long:


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        I would take a few of each color. 2x, 3x preferred because of shrinkage.


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          Oops I didn't keep up with this thread!

          I had bought a few XL short and longsleeve for myself when I first was there; I may hang onto them or may offer them for sale.

          I went back and the shirts were almost all gone, sorry folks, I didn't get a chance to buy any more. The only sizes left were very very small ones! The good stuff was probably gone within the first day or two, I was just lucky enough to be there when the bins were full 2 weeks ago.