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MREs - assorted, not in a case

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  • MREs - assorted, not in a case

    Time to rotate out some loose MREs, I have about 15 I would say, from about 2003-2005 manufacture, have been stored in cool, dark environment (trust me, I take excellent care of all of my survival supplies), different menu choices available. All are sealed, never opened, so they will include all of the food and accessory items.

    I will post exactly which menu items I have later today, right now I am just testing the waters to see if there is any interest. Would prefer to sell here rather than to anonymous people on eBay. I can assure you I will give you a good deal!

    Cost and postage would be based on your shipping address; generally USPS Parcel Post will be cheapest but if I can fit a bunch in a Flat Rate Priority Mail box, and you want me to, then I will.

    I do not want to name a flat rate asking price and then find myself losing money due to shipping costs. Obviously someone in CA will cost much more to ship to than someone in NY.

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    What do you want for these? I'd be interested in buying or trading

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      OK here is the menu at Methusleh's MRE Cafe:

      Chicken and Rice
      Chicken with Noodles
      Cheese Tortellini (vegetarian)
      Cheese Tortellini (does not say vegetarian) (x2)
      Beef Ravioli
      Red Beans and Rice (x2)
      Beef w/mushrooms (x2)
      Beef Teriyaki (x2)
      Chicken and Rice Pilaf

      TRADE considerations...

      Cold weather freeze-dried MREs (white packaging), Remington 870 mag tube extension, Motorola Jedi-series (HT1000/MT2000/JT1000) radios and accessories, Icom F11/F21 radio accessories.


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        im very interested if you still have any


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          I had sent Diesel a PM but have not heard back yet. Let me know which you are interested in, and I can weigh them up.


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            I may be interested too(after you hear from the other guys first of course) no shipping charge. I live in price?


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              Beef Ravioli
              Beef w/mushrooms (x2)
              Beef Teriyaki (x2)
              Chicken and Rice Pilaf


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                Roger that guys. Still have a deal pending with Diesel.

                Will let you all know how it turns out....

                And there will be more MREs to come probably next month. I am selling them all and switching to freeze-dried and dehydrated stuff only...


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                  k let me know i need as many of these things as possible can they be picked up from surplus stoes ?


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                    OK folks a few things...

                    At this point in time I am offering these MREs only for sale, or trade for freeze-dried or dehydrated foods, since we are replacing the MREs with the other kinds of foods. No longer looking for any other trades, sorry!

                    And...Eight more MREs have been found!

                    Beef w/ Mushrooms
                    Chicken Cavatelli
                    Pork Chow Mein
                    Thai Chicken
                    Spaghetti w/ Mean Sauce
                    Pasta w/Alfredo Sauce (vegetarian)
                    Frankfurters, Beef
                    Beef Ravioli

                    The more MREs you want, the cheaper the shipping per unit. If you want all of them, shipped USPS Parcel Post, it can be as low as about $1.60 per MRE. If you only want one or two, cheapest shipping is going to be at least $5.00. So...the more you want, the cheaper the overall cost.

                    Gunslinger88 you are technically at the top of the list so I will be sending you a PM...


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                      Hey! I'm HUNGRY y'all!
                      What ya got left? I would take 'em all @ right price, live in VT.
                      Anyone got my fav.? Country Capt. Chix.? {#9 I think}
                      FEAR is temporary, REGRET lasts a lifetime! BE SAFE! BE PREPARED! :D


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                        So far nobody has made me a solid offer, so as far as I am concerned they are all still available!

                        Right now I only have the menu items you see here; I have no idea how much more I have in storage at another location. You may get lucky!

                        I will shoot you a PM...


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                          since you haven't heard from anyone else, shoot me a pm with how many you have and price per. also, I had to work tonight so I couldn't hook up with you concerning the sks. still interected though. I'll try to call you later today(thurs).....


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                            OK folks, I have had interest in these but so far I have not received payment. I hate to be a jerk, but I can not wait forever, these are just taking up space in my house waiting for a new home.

                            ALL MRES STILL AVAILABLE!

                            Now accepting lowball offers (please PM me), and of course trade is preferable however only interested in trade for food items (freeze-dried or dehydrated).

                            If you want them all, I am willing to make a very very good deal.

                            NEWLY DISCOVERED MREs...probably the last ones I will be getting rid of now, I am keeping a small amount of them on hand.

                            Cheese Tortellini (x2)
                            Chicken & Rice Pilaf
                            Beef Ravioli (x2)
                            Red Beans & Rice (x2)
                            Beef w/Mushrooms


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                              did you get my pm?