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how to build your own generator

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  • how to build your own generator

    saw this in another forum but thought it would be awesome to post here.

    Gather the essential parts to the generator
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    A gas powered motor (Preferably a horizontal shaft. You can use anything from lawn tractors, to weedwackers, snow blowers, you name it!)
    Car or Marine battery
    Alternator (MUST have a built in voltage regulator. I used a GM. Also makes it much easier if it's a V or A belt style)
    V or A belt
    Gear pulley (If the motor doesn't have one already)
    Power inverter (I used a 400 watt)
    Some sort of platform (Plywood and 2x4s in my case)
    screws, bolts and washers

    I measured out the distance between the motor and alternator and built the platform to match. (Alternator needs to turn clockwise) Bolted the motor in place, then attached the gear pulley, belt and made marks to put the mounts in place for the alternator. Bolted the alternator in place. Then ran the charging wires to the car battery and tightened them down. Then just hooked up the 400 watt inverter to the battery and it's off and running!
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      Took about 2 hours to build after I had all the parts. My expenses were as follows.

      5 HP Subaru/Robin Engine - $15. (from a farm auction)
      3/4 inch Gear pulley - $7. (Tractor Supply Company)
      Alternator from a Chevy S10 - $15. from a local U-Pull-It
      Car Battery - $10. same location
      V belt - $1. same location
      400 Watt Power Inverter - $30. (Pep Boys)
      Platform was made from scrap lumber and I have a bunch of drywall screws and nuts and bolts from prior projects so they didn't cost me a thing.

      $78. and a few hours of work and I can make my own electricity if I want to! I'll be adding to it. It's bulky, so I'm going to put some lawn mower wheels on it and a handle to pull it around by. But it works!


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        Finished generator
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          That's cool!!!!
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            I've got a 1000 w inverter sitting around gathering dust (inverted sine), this looks like a possibility for it... will 1 alternator charge 2 batteries in parallel w/o unpleasant surprises?

            I think I may be inspired... great job!


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              Kudos, man...nice project and good should definitely rubber stamp this in the DIY board....
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