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Heavily modified mobile CB/freeband radio

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  • Heavily modified mobile CB/freeband radio

    Photos upon request.

    I am thinking of selling (if there is any interest) a radio I have that I no longer use but it is one of the finest in my collection. It started out life as a simple little Superstar 121, and has had a lot of work done. All work was done by my friend's professional Motorola radio shop and the radio was tested using top-of-the-line test equipment and an oscilloscope. Spectral purity is incredible on this radio.

    OK the details:

    Radio has been modified with the largest finals that it can handle. Low and High power levels. Low is about 1.5W deadkey, swings to about 10W. High is about 8.5W deadkey, swings to about 40W.

    Modulation resistor swap modification has been performed for superb maximum modulation. The limiter has NOT been clipped and I never do that to my radios. You do not need a power mic with this radio, trust me, the modulation is cranked to the max.

    Original meter seemed to be very inaccurate so it was replaced with a brand new Cobra 29 meter.

    Features include 3 banks of channels, AM/FM operation, roger beep (switchable on/off), and more.

    Includes what I believe is the brand new stock mic (I was using this as a base with a different mic), and if you need a power cord I probably have a spare around somewhere. Takes the same power cord as most CBs do.

    I am not even sure I want to sell this, but I find myself operating on amateur radio much more than CB lately when I am at home.

    My asking price (make an offer!) is $120 including insured shipping with delivery confirmation. I have a lot more money than that invested in this radio!! You will probably never find a radio as powerful as this one AND as clean sounding, for that price.

    NOTE: Before anyone jumps to conclusions...yes I am an amateur radio operator and law-abiding citizen. This radio, being high-powered and capable of operating outside the legal CB frequencies, is being sold with a survival after TSHTF scenario in mind, where those frequencies may very well be the only way to communicate with like-minded people. I am not offering this radio and encouraging people to purchase it for everyday use on those frequencies. This radio has good filtering on it and does not throw harmonics like a lot of cheap junk radios will.
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    Let me talk to the hubby this weekend. We;ve been looking for something we might be able to use up here. We have no means of communicating at all when the land line goes down, and it got pretty scary for him when I was up here alone for 12 days during the ice storm.