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Cobra 2000 Base CB Radio (best base ever made!)

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  • Cobra 2000 Base CB Radio (best base ever made!)

    OK I am really testing the waters here, not sure I want to part with this. A local ham is selling his Kenwood TS2000 for a real good price, but I would have to get rid of some toys in order to make room for it, so I am considering selling this radio.

    Photos available upon request.

    Overall condition of the radio is "good", operationally it works well, cosmetically it looks like you would imagine a 27-year-old used radio to look.

    Has extra channels and a 6-digit built-in frequency counter, as well as some other extra switches whose functions I never figured out (I bought this used and did not do any mods to it). Goes into the 10m amateur band.

    Everything works fine does not come with any original side speakers (just a little external one), signal meter is stuck (common problem with this radio, not worth fixing IMHO), speaker selector switch is broken off (you can still switch using a screwdriver), original Cobra Power Mic connector needs work. I was using an Astatic with this (NOT for sale) and it worked fine, but with the original mic it has no audio.

    I am not sure I want to sell this, but was thinking a fair asking price (based on eBay prices) would be $170 including CONUS shipping. But that is just an ASKING price, not firm.

    Any interest?

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    Can we see some pictures of the unit?