If there is a knife that you can't find but would like, I may be able to locate it for you. Short list of some knives I have sold ( all pre-owned) no junk.

Randall knives, Rare or hard to spyderco's, Ek, Ka-bar, Coldsteel, Big Pete, Tops ( tom Brown ) and others, Chris Reeves ( green beret ) and others, Stryder, Razr knives, Dark Ops, MOD, Benchmade, Emerson, Al Mar, Buck, Lone Wolf, SOG and many others. Most of the knives I get are no longer made or hard to get. I do not have these just sitting around but I do come across a lot of them and if you are looking for some thing I maybe able to help it may take some time because these come to me I dont surf the gun shows because their prices tend to be high. No autos or switchblades Send me a PM.