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WTS/T M4 for AK47/74

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  • WTS/T M4 for AK47/74

    I have a Double Star M4 for sell or trade for a AK47/74 plus ammo and/or cash. Standard 16" barrel or SBR is ok...if out of state you pay your stamp and I'll pay mine. I approximate 2-3 hundred rounds fired...I have 4 of these so not any one gets more use then the other.

    The rifle descripition as follows:
    #1) Upper and Lower Receivers were completely disassembled, cleaned and plugged before being refinished in a textured Dark Earth color,
    #2) CAA Stock Saddle,
    #3) Ergo Grip, (plus original)
    #4) UTG Rail Handguards, (plus original)
    #5) Grip Pod (MADE IN THE USA, not a china faker),
    #6) Magpul Dark Earth Ladder Rail covers, (not pictured but included)
    #7) Matching USGI 30 round mag in Dark Earth + 2 additional standard USGI 30 rounders.

    My value is $1300

    I'm wanting an well taken care of AK in either 7.62x39 or 5.45 plus ammo and or cash.

    Ammo considered: 9mm, .45acp, 7.62x39, 5.45x39, .223/5.56

    "Just Another Bitter American", clinging to guns & religion.:cool:

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    Hey Devil Dog!

    Hey I'm new to the board. Checkin' it out. I'm on my g/f name, but I'm interested in the AR-15, and or other's you might have for sale. So "Sarge" just curious what squadron are you with, and or what bird you're workin' on? I'm looking for a M-4 or Ar-15 A2 style with the detachable carry handle. Cambered .223/5.56mm. nothing too fancy just tha basics. Hope you made it outta tha sand box aight, have a good one. Former winger here.


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      Check IM, Introductions & other info can be discussed else where. This is the "FOR SALE" section.

      Semper Fi Marine!
      "Just Another Bitter American", clinging to guns & religion.:cool: