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My collection of Doomsday Warrior CD's

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  • My collection of Doomsday Warrior CD's

    I have the first 13 editions of Doomsday Warrior on CD for sale. This is a Graphic Audio book on tape (CD). It is not in MP3 format, it is actual CD format. There is about 60 hours here. It is a fantastic story of survival set in a post holocaust America. There are Russians, Nazi's, crazy radiated whackos, and of course lots of firearms!! These were listened to only once, by me while traveling. These sell for $19.99 each, plus tax, so the value accross the counter is around $260.00. Make an offer. I need to buy some more. I might be willing to do some swapping.

    *Warning, not suitable for kids. There is some rough language and sexual situations. Nothing real graphic, but enough to make your grandma smack you.

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    I figured someone would have jumped on this one right away!! Come on folks, I am hooked on this series and I need to buy more. The other does not like my spending habits on such "trivial" flights of fancy!! If I sold these, I could buy more of them!


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      lol, very honest. Can you tell us more about the story line? Is this a book series that is narrated onto CDs?


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        Originally posted by das View Post
        lol, very honest. Can you tell us more about the story line? Is this a book series that is narrated onto CDs?
        Yes. It is narrated, but it also includes sound effects, and each character has his/her own voice. When there is machinegun fire, you hear it. When the Soviet Choppers are coming, you hear them too.

        Basically the story line is about America 200 years after WW3. The Ruskies colonized parts of America, but there are "free" cities all around the country who are taking the fight to the Ruskies. The Russians have basically revived Soviet Socialism on a worldwide basis. The story is told from many different perspectives, including the new President of the United Soviet States of America, The Soviet Premier Vasili, a goofy mountain man who befriends our hero Ted Rockson. They all live in a mountain stronghold called Century City where they make the Liberator Rifle, their main source of trade and their main weapon against the Ruskies.

        Of course, no real good post apocolyptic story would be complete without Nazi's. The Germans revived the Reich after the nukes fell and the 4th Reich are controlled by the Soviets.

        There are radiation mutations, "hot" zones, and villages on the brink of falling into the stone age. Each set of CD's is one story and they range from 4 hours to 8 hours. I know that my drives throughout the oilfields would not be the same without them. You will not fall asleep while listening to these!!

        I also have a few other series that I am listening to that I will list later. Including Jerry Aherns "The Survivalist". "Outlanders" and "Deathlands". All of these are stories of Survival.

        Hope that helps.


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          Yes, thanks. I'll give it a thought.


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            Cool, send me a message if you are interested.


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              This has now expanded to 16 sets of CD's. Numbers 1-16. That is about 100 hours of listening pleasure. Just a note. I went back to my old E-bay account and was going to sell these. E-bay now has a requirement that you MUST accept pay-pal or some other form of electronic payment. What a crop of meadow muffins!!! I left them because Pay Pal was a fraudulent organization.

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                I finally listed the darn things on Gun


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                  It did not sell on Gun Broker, so these are still up for sale. I could probably sell them on E-Bay, but refuse to use them based on their political beliefs, and lack of financial confidentiality.


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                    Why do you say Paypal is a fraudulent organization? Just Curious, I have had a paypal account for a few years and even used to pay my monthly bills with it. I have had no problems with them, but if you know something I don't i might change my mind about using them.