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WTS/WTT lots of stuff non related and lots of military gear

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  • WTS/WTT lots of stuff non related and lots of military gear

    i understand not everything i have can be shipped very easily. there are descriptions of everything in the picture description. i would rather trade for other stuff before i sell them. here is a list of what i am looking for im a trade. the top of the list is what i would be after most with the bottom of the list would be least wanted. i would really be interested in trading for anything that is interesting or you think i would like. if you have a general question please post here. let me know what you have for trade and what your interested in. i can give more info if needed.

    AR uppers and lowers (parts)
    SHTF Gear
    gammo pellet gun 1200fps
    paintball gun and gear
    psp slim 2001
    goped or aftermarket parts
    aftermarket bicycle parts MTB

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    PS there are a few pages of stuff listed so make sure you look at it all. the first page doesent really have any military gear on it


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      For the life of me I could never think of a thing I might have that you would want. SWF 53 into backpacking. LOL So....this is something I need and would like to have. I'm sure it'll get traded but by chance if it doesn't and you do decide to sell it will you please keep me in mind? I'm heading out West this summer but I'm going to WY and MT not south. So, it might be a bit expensive to ship. Don't know. Anyway.......let me know.
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        i would prefer a trade but selling is always a good option. I dont think it would be to much to ship. probably around 10 bucks give or take on box price.


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          Thanks dn, I'll wait to hear from you then.
          Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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            Patrol Packs

            I am interested in the patrol packs, the pic looks like there are two.

            What shape? Rips, repairs, etc?

            What price, each, for both, shipped to zip 27539

            I do not have any wares for trading, sorry



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              How much for the tackle box?
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                sending PMs